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The finance minister has come with a new scheme named one nation one ration card portal in recent times. One nation one ration card scheme is one of the leading priorities of the food and public distribution department. Indian government will provide an option to the eligible ration card beneficiaries. This scheme covers under NFSA to get access their entitles from anywhere in the country. IT-driven system is implemented for the installation of Epos devices at FPS. Union minister of consumer affairs implements this plan daily. They review this plan from time to time.

They arrange meetings and video conferences with state food ministers and state food secretaries. Recent past, the minister has forgathered several suchvideo conference on 13/4/20, 22/5/20 & 18/6/20. In other words, secr5etary and joint secretary reviewed the implementation progress very closely with all states through several video conferences.

One nation one ration card 2022

According to the national food security act 2013, almost 81 crores persons are mentioned to purchase subsidized food grains rice at RS.3/ per kg, wheat at Rs 2 per kg, and coarse grain 1 per kg. You will get all from fair price shops of the targeted public distribution system (TPDS). Recently, the national food security act has been issued 23 rd. crores ration card for 80 crores cardholders.

Off late, a ration card beneficiaries can purchase food grains from an FPSs that has been assigned to his or her in the locality where he or she lives. This portal has become operational continuously.Suppose a beneficiary lives in the district of Basri in Uttar Pradesh, who migrates to Delhi for work. He or she is no longer able to buy the subsidized food grains from the PDS shop in her Mumbai area.

Under this system, the cardholders will be able to purchase the subsidized food grains from any FPS across the nation-wide. This system based on a technological solution will dictate cardholders through biometric authentication on Epos devices. You can install at the FPSs. It enables the person to buy the quantity of food grains.

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

योजना का नामएक देश एक राशन कार्ड योजना
इनके द्वारा पेश किया गयाश्री राम विलास पासवान
उद्देश्ययह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए कि कोई भी व्यक्ति सब्सिडी वाले खाद्यान्न प्राप्त करने से वंचित न रहे
योजना की समय सीमा30 जून 2030
लाभार्थीअखिल भारतीय राशन कार्ड धारक
नोडल एजेंसीभारतीय खाद्य निगम

How does One Nation One Ration Card Scheme work?

IM-PDS portal gives the digital platform for the inter-state probability of ration cards. It enables a migrant worker to purchase the food grains from any FPS across the country. In other words, other portals organize the data of the distribution of food grains through E-POS devices.

When a person can purchase his or her share of food grains as per his or her entitlements. It is under NFSA. The rest of her family members can buy subsidized food grains from their ration card dealers at home.

As of now, intrastate ration card probability is available in more than 20 states. But the number of transactions completed through the facility. As per the record on the IMPDS portal, 275 transactions have been completed until May 14 th. Moreover, the number of transactions in intrastate ration card probability is so high.

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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme FAQ

What is the primary advantage of the One Nation One Ration Scheme?

The One Nation One Ration Scheme’s primary advantage is that the citizens can avail of the ration anywhere across the nation.

I belong to Andhra Pradesh and working living in Maharashtra. Can I get a ration in Maharashtra?

Yes, you can avail of the ration in the other state if it has started the One Nation One Ration Scheme.

What is the full form of IMPDS?

The full form of IMPDS is the Integrated Management of Public Distribution Systems.

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