YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam”for Survey of Lands

Andhra Pradesh state government has launched a new scheme named YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam 2022. The state government will take a land survey on January 1, 2022.The state land will be resurveyed by using new technology such as drones.Under the scheme,mobile devices and drones will be used with the help of latest technology.Through this scheme, 4500 survey teams and 15000 services will take place in the AP YSR jagananna saswatha bhoomi hakku bhoomi Rakshana pathakam scheme.

As per in an eye estimation,the land survey cost will be around rupees 987.46 crore. Andhra Pradesh state government will follow in the following ways: mark boundaries, issue books of accounts to landowners and create a mobile ko to resolve land disputes on the spot.After a 100 years gap,a land survey is being prepared in Andhra Pradesh. After the survey,a unique number will be given for each plot.

This number enables the applicants to know the complete details of his land with providing legal rights for avoiding disputes.In this article,we will share with you about Ap ysr Jagananna saswatha Bhoomi hakku Bhoomi RAkshana Pathakam scheme and you will get a lot of information respectively.

AP YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana

Purpose of scheme launch Land survey in the state and offer land ownership
Number of people attending the event Over 10, 000
Number of base stations to be formed for scheme 70
Starting date for survey  January, 2022
Scheme has been started at Takkellapadu village near Jaggaiahpet, Krishna district
Date of scheme start December, 2020

, 21

Survey teams and surveyors in scheme 4500 survey team and 15, 000 surveyors
Cost of survey of land comes to Rupees 987.46 crores

Key features of the YSR Jagananna Bhoomi Hakku Bhoomi Rakshana Pathakam scheme:-

  • The main objective of the scheme is to serve the land and offer suitable ownership to the actual land owners.
  • Around 4500 server teams and 15,000 surveys will be involved under this scheme.
  • The survivors have to Mark land boundaries and establish mobile courts to reserve land problems and issue passbooks to the land owners.
  • The land survey will assist the actual and honour to have it and settle down the dispute which is related to land with the help of court settlement.
  • Andhra Pradesh state government will provide a total of rupees 987. 46 crore to the landowners for the purpose of scheme launch.
  • The server team will keep off and b are low and the survey number will be assigned using a camera to keep the record in the digital version.Hand mobile tribunals will be established to resolve the land dispute problems.

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YSR Jagannas Saswat Bhoomi Hakku Bhumi Raksha Scheme Land survey phases:-

Apart from forest lands, the land survey will be held in 1.26 lakh square kilometre across the state in villages, towns and cities.The land survey will be conducted in three phases in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Under each phase of the land survey, the number of villages will be covered. These are as follows:-

  • IST phase:- Around 5000 villages will be under this first phase.
  • 2nd phase:- Almost 6500 villages will be under this 2nd phase.
  • 3rd phase:- Around 5,500 villages in the third phase.

All the district officials have managed for the inauguration of the Ap YSR jagananna saswatha Bhoomi hakku Bhoomi RAkshana Pathakam scheme.However, the long pending disputes about land ownership can be solved by no means of the said scheme. For this reason state government authorities should take necessary steps and handle the land to the actual owners.

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