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The government of Telangana has launched an internet portal named Telangana Dharani Portal.This portal aims to create the state’s revenue services out there on-line to the voters of the country.Through this on-line portal, the voters will avail of the revenue services Mutation, Land Conversion,and Registration Services, etc.Moreover, the state voters apply for the TS Dharai Portal services by registering on the official portal.

In this article, we have a tendency to illustrate to you concerning the Telangana Dharani Portal,options ad advantages of the Portal, Services List, and also the on-line procedure to use on the portal.In this article, we have provided detailed information about the DHARANI Telangana Signup Process and the list of Online services offered by the DHARANI to the Telangana State citizens. So, Beneficiaries who need to look for Land Records as well as download the New Passbook must follow the instruction and steps and view the details.

TS Dharani Portal

Let us see the options of the Telangana Dharani Portal.

  • This portal is that the integration of the Land Records Management Systems of the state.
  • It combines the registration and land record functions associated with the Agricultural lands.
  • It modifies the period updation of the matter knowledge.
  • The portal adds/updates and deletes all the information related to the land records.

What is the most objective of launching the Telangana Dharani Portal?

The objective of launching this portal is to create the voters access to Revenue Services and Registration Services.

Benefits of the Telangana Dharani Portal

  • Let us see the advantages of the Telangana Dharani Portal.
  • The Dharani portal is that the single platform to manage land records.
  • It ensures precise and clear services to the voters.
  • It saves time and energy in maintaining the land records of the voters.
  • It mechanically triggers mutation when registration or supported missive of invitation from the department 

How to Apply on-line for TS Telangana Dharani Portal @dharani.telangana.gov.in

  • Visit the Official web site of Dharani Telangana.
  • It takes the mortal to the house Page, as shown below.
TS Telangana Dharani Portal
  • On the house, within the Menu Bar, click on the Sign-UP tab.
  • It displays a brand-new page, that shows the sign-up page for Dharani.
  • On the Sign-Up Page, Enter the Name of the mortal, Mobile range, Email ID.
TS Telangana Dharani Portal
  • Enter the Address Details like State, District, Mandal, Village/City, Address, and Pin code.
  • After getting into the main points, click on the Get OTP Button.
Success SMS
  • It then generates the OTP to the Mobile range you got given within the kind.
TS Telangana Dharani Portal
  • Takedown the OTP range from the Mobile and enter the OTP within the provided field.
  • Enter the Captcha Code, and click on on the Validate OTP Button.
  • It finishes the registration method and takes the net mortal to the house Page.
  • On the house Page, Click on Login within the Menu Bar.
Reset password
  • In the Login Page, choose the User kind, Enter the User Name, Password, and Captcha Code.
  • After finishing the applying method, the users will begin applying for the Dharani Portal’s subject services.

Webland Telangana: Online Land Record

Step by Step Procedure to transfer TS Telangana Land Records Dharani Portal apk

  • We square measure all attentive to the Telangana Government’s latest innovation Dharani Portal.
  • Through this Dharani Portal, the folks of Telangana will read their land records and avail of the various services associated with land.
  • Taking a breakthrough, the Telangana government has recently created the services of the Dharani Portal out there at the fingertips by launching the Dharani Portal Mobile App.
  • Through this app, the folks of the state will avail of all the services that square measure out there on the Land Records Portal of Telangana.

Download TS Land Records App apk

Find out the net procedure to transfer the Mobile App of Telangana Land Records Portal. This service is for the folks of Telangana WHO want to look at thier land records.

  • Visit the Google Play Store on Your Mobile.
  • Type Dharani Portal App within the search bar.
  • Dharani Portal App transfer
  • It displays relevant search results.
  • Click on the install button.
  • It then downloads the Dharani App on your Mobile.
  • List of Services underneath TS Dharani Portal
  • Dharani subject Services
  • Telangana Dharani App
  • Telangana Land Records Portal
  • Download TS Land Records App apk
  • Once when downloading the app, you be able to fancy the various services provided by the TS Land Records App.


How can I check my patta passbook in Telangana?

For the patta passbook, you can take the following method.

  • Submit the patta passbook application form via the Maa Bhumi Portal.
  • The application will be transferred to Tahasil, and verification will take place.
  • Once the formalities have been done, the passbook will be delivered to your address.

How can I check my land details in Telangana?

You can check the land details in Telangana in the following steps.

  • Go to the official website of Dharani.
  • Click on ‘Registered Document Details’ as a result, a new screen appears.
  • Enter the required details and tap on ‘Submit’.

How can I check my pahani online in Telangana?

To check your pahani online in Telangana, go along with these steps.

  • Visit the Dharani portal and tap on ‘Land Status’.
  • On the new screen, fill in the required information.
  • Select either ‘Khata No.’ or ‘Survey No.’
  • Tap on ‘Get Details’ and get access to your pahani.

What is ROR in land records Telangana?

In Telangana land records, ROR or record of rights is a land or property ownership document. It contains all details related to the ownership of land and properties. Tahasil issues separate ROR document for each land and property.

Can we get pahani online?

Yes, you can get pahani online. For obtaining the pahani online, go the Dharani website that managed Telangana land records. On the home screen of the website, tap on the ‘Land Status’ option. It will lead to a new screen that will require a few details. Enter the details, tap on ‘Get Details’ and the pahani will be visible.

What is Kahani document?

Pahani is a land document in Telangana land records. The pahani document contains size, type, ownership, revenue and other land details. The pahani document is issued by Tahasil and is now readily available on the Maa Bhumi portal.

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