[Panjikaran] PM wani scheme 2022″Application Form

Pm Narendra Modi has initiated a new scheme named pm wani scheme across the country on December 9 2020. In this article we will share with you about this team benefits, application procedure ,registration process, etc.Union telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told that at a press conference the government has planned to unleash a Wi-Fi revolution in the country.

Public Wi-Fi network services are also known as PM Wi-Fi access network interface or wani scheme. Public data office aggregators will set up the scheme and they will provide Wi-Fi services to the public data offices. There is no licence fee and they will be providing broadband internet service.Under the scheme, the entrepreneur will be provided business opportunities in the country.Through these services internet services will be given to the entrepreneurs. It is a remarkable step towards digital India.

PM-WANI Yojana

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PM wani scheme 2020 Objective

  • PM-WANI scheme will bring more business friendly environment for boosting of doing business.It is also known as pm new scheme.
  • It aims to deliver high speed internet that has brought an essential during covid 19 pandemic.
  • The proliferation of a public Wi-Fi network will build employment.
  • High speed internet is not available in areas where only 4g mobile coverage is accessible.
  • PM WANI aims to help the improvement of a public WI-FI network service.
  • It will help to enhance the disposal income is also expected for small and medium business men.
  • It will help to increase GDP in the long run.
  • If you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot you will see the network penetration across the country.
  • As per the record of TRAI, can use Wi-Fi technology for communicating 50-70 % of the next time.
  • On the other hand, the figure in India is not more than 10%.
  • In 2018, various service providers said that they will provide 5 lakh hotspots by March 31 ,2019 and 10lakh hotspots by September 30 2019.

PM WANI process

Various players operated this public Wi-Fi access network interface. This would become an ecosystem of  ervice networks.

public data office

This will help in establishing and can operate the Wani compliant Wi-Fi access points. It would provide broadband services to the subscribers.

Public data office aggregator

This unit can perform all the actions related to Authorization and accounting.

App provider.

Users register an application card and it also searches for all the WANI complaint wi-fi hotspots in the local area.it will appear within the application for getting access to an internet service.

Central registry.

It is said that the central registry will be maintaining the complete details of app providers,PDOAs, as well as PDOs.centre of development for telematics maintained the central registry.

Public data offices will be set up on the lines of public call offices.This public data offices will set up and operate only the PM-WANI complaint Wi-Fi access points to provide broadband services to its subscribers.There are multiple elements viz public data office, public data office aggregators and app providers to provide public wi-fi service without a licence.Licence registration and fees will not be applicable for the PDOs. Broadband internet services have been increasing rapidly. This public data and offices will deliver the internet on their own. It will discharge from some other internet service provider. The government will improve an application that will register the users on to the network. will assist them discover WANI compliant Wi-Fi hotspots in nearby areas.The ministry stated that use of broadband will increase incomes employment quality of life is of doing business.

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PM-WANI Yojana 2020: Online Application Form

PM-WANI Yojana 2020: Online Application Form PDF Download – To strengthen Digital India within the nation and to offer web services to the general public, the Modi authorities has taken a giant resolution. Under which the Prime Minister has determined to start out the Prime Minister’s Wi-Fi Access Interface Scheme (PM-WANI Yojana).

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