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The Karnataka government launches the Karnataka Arundhati Yojana. According to this scheme, the newlywed bride gets financial support from the government.The Karnataka state Brahmin development board launched two schemes named Karnataka Arundhati Yojana and Karnataka MaitreyiYojana for the poor Brahmin families in Karnataka state.In Karnataka state, there are about 15 lakhs brahmin category is available. In this community, many families can not afford money for their daughter wedding. Therefore the Karnataka state Brahmin development board introduce two schemes named ;Karnataka Arundhati yojana and Karnataka amaitreyi yojana.

Karnataka Arundhati yojana provides 25000 rupees support to the brain families for their daughters wedding. Simultaneously, Karnataka Maitreya yojana will bond 3 lakh rupees to gramin Brahmin families whose daughter marries priest the state.As per the update, around 550 brahmin families will receive this amount according to their daughter& s wedding schemes.This scheme will provide financial assistance to the bride& family belonging to the Brahmin community by the Karnataka State Government.

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022

This scheme launched for the monetary support to Brahmin brides has caused a political stir. This is for the Brahmin community impoverished people in the Karnataka State by the Karnataka state Brahmin development board.There were 25 poor Brahmin daughters selected for the Karnataka MaitreyiYojana. They get the help of 3 lakh rupees from the Karnataka government as per Karnataka maitreyi Yojana, which was launched by the Karnataka state Brahmin development board.

Karnataka Maitreyi Scheme

Scheme Name Karnataka Arundhati Scheme
Launched By Government of Karnataka
Launched Year 2022
Beneficiaries Bride
Registration Process Online/Offline
Objective Financial assistance to Brahmin brides
Category Karnataka Govt. Schemes

Benefits of Karnataka Arundhati/Karnataka Maitriyi yojana

  • The Karnataka state Brahmin development board launched both schemes for the Brahmin community.
  • The main reason for the launch of these two schemes, named Karnataka Arundhati Yojana and Karnataka Maitreyi Yojana, is to uplift people from low economic backgrounds and especially those who are priests because the community of Brahmin priests has a difficult time surviving from the uncertain work.
  • For the families who can not do their daughters marriage, these schemes will help them marry their daughter in the community.Those who are the priests and belonging to Karnataka can get 3 lakh for their daughter&s wedding if they marry the priest.
  • The opposition has called those schemes are "regressive." For the restrictions in these schemes, the opposition said that the marriage decision is of the bride and groom, and these schemes will take the state backward of our community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant is from Karnataka state, and they are permanent residents at the Karnataka State.
  • The Karnataka State Brahmin development board sponsors this scheme; thus, the applicant must belong to the brahmin family.
  • The applicant will be eligible If there is the first marriage of the bride in the Brahmin family.
  • The family who wants to apply in this Karnataka ArundhatiYojana is economically backward and under the annual income area.
  • The groom and bride will remain married for the decided period according to this Karnataka Arundhati Yojana.
  • The marriage will have to be registered after that, and the Karnataka Government can benefit from the schemes named ArundhatiYojana/ MaitreyiYojana.
  • The family has to produce a certificate citing they are from an economically backward class. Also, they have the certification that they are from the Brahmin community.

How to apply online for the Karnataka Arundhati Yojana?

First, we have to look for the application we want offline, whereas online. If we going to apply online, then we have to follow some steps as follow-

  • We have to visit the official website of the Karnataka state Brahmin development board.

  • After that, we have to sign in at that website.

  • Enter the Email ID and Password.
  • We fill an application form and submit that by the submit button at the bottom of the application form.
  • By these steps, we can apply for Karnataka Arundhati Yojana or Karnataka MaitreyiYojana.

Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Status


According to this schemes named Karnataka Arundhati Yojana, the Karnataka Government will give 25000 rupees to the poor Brahmin families for their daughters wedding, and about 550 families will get the benefit of this scheme whereas as per  the Karnataka Maitreyi Yojana, the government will give 3 lakh rupees help to the Brahmin families if they are priests.

Karnataka Arundathi/ Maitri Scheme 2022 FAQ’s

Which community people are eligible for applying to the Karnataka Arundathi/Maitri Scheme launched by the government?

The people who belong to the vulnerable sections of brahmin families are eligible for the Karnataka Arundathi/Maitri Scheme.

What is financial assistance that the beneficiaries will get under the Arundathi Scheme launched by the Karnataka government?

Under the Arundathi Scheme, the beneficiaries will get Rs 25000 as financial assistance. However, beneficiaries will get Rs 3,00,000 under the Maitri Yojana.

What is Karnataka Arundhati Yojana?

Karnataka Maitreya Yojana is a scheme run by the state government in which financial assistance is provided to the girl child of a Brahmin family for marriage.

How to apply for Karnataka Maitreya Yojana?

To apply for Karnataka Maitreya Yojana, you can apply online on the portal of Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board.

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