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In this digital era, the ministry of road transport and highway has brought a new scheme named M parivahan app.This application is offering online services or facilities which includes road transport offices.M parivahan app is one of the latest computerized versions and more than 1300+ RTO offices are under one roof. The road transport offices digitalization has assisted the people to have the services and facilities with a befitting manner.

The quality of RTO working has been changed day by day. If you want to know more information and uses of M Parivahan app and its features also, you will go through this article till the end.Life is becoming convenient and use of the smartphone has been increasing rapidly. Now, the Central government can try to connect with the citizens to deliver services online. For that reason,the citizens of the state will get the benefit including the Road Transport office in a quick manner.

Mparivahan App

Mparivahan app will help to get access to different information and services properly and it is a mobile based application.On the other hand,main purpose of the scheme is to enhance convenience and transparency in this system.There are many facilities of M parivahan app like virtual registration card, driving licence, encrypted QR code, transport notification, RTO office location and other facilities also.

What is Mparivahan App

The smartphone is the most trending device nowadays, and using smartphones has become the most common for all of us. Keeping this thing in mind, the government has launched an app which is known as Mparivahan App.

Mparivahan App is launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways. The government is trying to connect the citizens through online services, and the digital platform is the best platform to connect with anyone.

MParivahan App Download Benefits:-

The prime benefit of Mparivahan mobile application is to provide hassle- free e Digital services among the users. Now, we are going to to narrate you the following benefits of the Mparivahan mobile application are mentioned below-

  • With the help of registration number, anyone can find details of any vehicle.
  • On the other hand, you get all relevant details of second hand owned vehicles.
  • This Mparivahan app gives information to know driving licence services of driving licence mock test.

Download procedure of Mparivahan app?

You can follow the following step by step guidelines to download the M parivahan mobile application given below-

  • You can find a search menu on the top portion of the page.
  • Now you can search for Mparivahan.
  • The NIC government produced the first application and it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Press on an install button.
  • Application installation process is going on.
  • After installing the application, you can press on open to access M parivahan mobile app.

Sarathi parivahan Scheme

Services available of M parivahan app:-

This M parivahan mobile application gives various services which are included with Road Transport offices. Now, we will share procedures to access and what are the services available online.

  • Applications will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • For the first time, users will not create virtual driving licence and registration Cards.
  • Making the virtual cards will assist them to get access at the time of need.
  • Users can use these virtual cards during verification and verified by traffic police.
  • On the other hand, no one needs to carry a hard plastic card of RC and DL.

Check Vahan 4 Application status

How to Check RC status in Mparivahan App?

To create a virtual RC or to check your rc status in mparivahan app, you have to enter your RC number and click on search option. After entering your RC Details, your RC vehicle information will be seen on the screen.

How to find a registration card(RC)?

  • There is an option of RC at the dashboard.
  • You have to choose this option and give your RC card number.
mparivahan app min
  • After providing these card details, you will find the details which are available on the registration card.
  • Moreover, it will display partial information.
  • On the other hand, anybody can use an RC number to have information regarding vehicles.
  • The basic details are kept carefully.
  • To get complete details, an applicant will have to make a virtual registration card.

How to make virtual registration?

  • Under this section, the applicant can bring engine number and chassis number.
  • It will keep these numbers on the hard card of registration.
  • After giving these details, it will make a virtual registration card.
  • During the checking process, it will be used at traffic signals.

Information Related To Registration Card

Here to make citizen aware about their registration card and information related to it, application has provided all details. List of these details related to registration card are:-

Temporary Registration

When the vehicle is brand new and yet to be registered permanently, the dealership assigns a temporary registration number. This RC number is valid for one month. Applicant must register their vehicle to the nearest RTO before time.

Permanent Registration Number

According to Section 39 of motor vehicle act all vehicle which are driven on road must be registered to RTO. This includes an application for registration for vehicle within 7 days of delivery of vehicle.

Renewable Of Registration Card

There is time duration according to vehicle for registration. It varies according to Commercial or personal use vehicle. Citizens are required to get their vehicle Re registered within 2 month of expiry of previous registration.

Duplicate Registration Certificate

By mistake if user has lost, torn or mutilated RC card, they can apply for a duplicate registration certificate. It will issue to the registered owner with valid proof and verification.

No Objection Certificate

In order to sell or remove their vehicle outside the jurisdiction areas of authority, owner have to take a clearance certificate. This certificate is issued by present RTO. It will help them to sell this vehicle outside state.

Hp Endorsement

It is an application used for making an entry for purchase or hire or lease agreement in the certificate of registration for motor vehicle.

Hp Termination

It is an application for exit or termination of agreement for hire purchase or lease.


If an owner has kept vehicle in another state for more than 12 months then owner have to take permission from the jurisdiction state for new registration mark. For this they have to surrender their old registration card and new RC will issue from current state.

Trade Certificate

For dealership they are exempted from registration of motor vehicle. For this they have to obtain a trade certificate from registering authority. However trade certificate holder is applicable for holding the vehicle only for trade.

Duplicate Trade Certificate

In case of lost or destroyed trade certificate, holder can apply for duplicate trade certificate. For this they have to first provide an FIR to nearest police station and intimate the fact in writing to the registration authority.

Ownership Transfer

Transfer of ownership can be done under normal sale or death of owner or purchase in public auction. After getting the vehicle, purchaser must get it transferred with the proof of transfer of ownership.


How to download mParivahan App?

mParivahan app can be downloaded through Play Store or App store. Application Download links are mentioned in this article above.

What details are required to create an account on the mParivahan app?

Users can create an account on mParivahan app by using their mobile no.

Are the documents available on mParivahan or digilocker are valid?

Yes, virtual documents stored in mParivahan or other govt. portal such as digilocker are equally valid as of the physical copy of the documents.

Is mParivahan available on App Store?

Yes, mParivahan is available for both android as well as iOS platforms.

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