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MP Launch Pad Scheme:Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana:Launch Pad Scheme:Launch Pad Scheme 2021

This content may help you to know about Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana 2021. According to this scheme, the state government will allow the business to the state young generation. The government of the state will help the youth to start their own business. In these days the youngest generation is workless or jobless. After education, they can not get a good job by accounting their education and training. This scheme will help the young generation to do their own business.

They can build their business and can be a success. This is a good opportunity for the youth of Madhya Pradesh state.Madhya Pradesh government launches the scheme called Mp launchpad yojana 2021 for youth. This scheme is for the boys and girls who came from child care institutions.Also, they have to complete 18 years old. This scheme launched by the Women and Child development department of the state. This scheme has its objectives to provide good support to the young generation of the Madhya Pradesh state.

MP Launch Pad Scheme

The main reason for this scheme to become the youth self-reliant by their education and training. This scheme will be the best support to the youth of the Madhya Pradesh state. It is the best opportunity for the young generation.This yojana is for the young generation of the Madhya Pradesh state.

Launch Pad Scheme

Name of Scheme Madhya Pradesh Launch Pad Yojana
in Language English
Launched by Government of Madhya Pradesh
Beneficiaries Children above the age of 18 years out of care institute
Major Benefit Provide Subsidies
Scheme Objective Providing employment opportunities
year 2021
Subsidies ₹ 6 lakhs
In how many districts will the scheme be conducted? In 52 districts
The department Women and Child Development Department

MP Launch Pad Yojana Features

  • The district administration will provide space to these youths for the opening of their business.
  • They can make coffee shops, stationery, photocopying lab, computer typing and DTP work, etc.
  • The government will help them to set up all the things for their business.
  • There are 52 districts in the Madhya Pradesh state. According to the Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana, all the state& 52 districts have been divided into 5 clusters.
  • That 5 clusters are Indore, Sagar, Gwalior, Jabalpur, and Bhopal.
  • Those all districts have their headquarters.
  • The Women and child development department provide this scheme.
  • Thus the Women and child development department will do the installation od each launch pad.
  • In the Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana, there is some money also provided by this department. The Women and Child development department will provide 6 lakh amount for this scheme.
  • Non-governmental organizations will operate these launchpads because the government will give the non-governmental organizations contracts to operate these pads successfully.

Eligibility Criteria of the Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana

You have to know about the eligibility guideline for the application in the Madhya Pradesh launchpad yojana. Here are some criteria for the application. The applicant should have to know about these. The criteria are-

  • The applicant should be from Madhya Pradesh. Not for some time but the applicant have the permanent address of Madhya Pradesh state.
  • This scheme is for setting up their own business. Thus the applicant should be above 18 years old. That means the applicant should have to complete 18 years atleast.
  • The other documents like id card, licence, etc. The applicant candidate should have all the documents ready and perfect.

How to register to Madhya Pradesh launchpad scheme

This scheme will be applicable for the youth of Madhya Pradesh state. The state government launched this scheme for all boys and girls of MP state. The process of registration to this scheme is as following-

  • The government of Madhya Pradesh has very recently launched the scheme.
  • Thus the government gave very few details about the scheme.
  • Thus the CM of Madhya Pradesh not given any official details regarding the registration. But we can make registration online as following-
  • We have to visit the official website of the Madhya Pradesh state government.
  • At we know, there are not many details given by the government of Madhya Pradesh. Thus if the registration form will available, you have to fill it.
  • After that, you have to submit it.
  • The government has not announced the details of this scheme.
  • You can make registration online in this scheme at the official site of the Madhya Pradesh government.

MP Ration Card List 2021


This scheme will be very helpful to the young generation. The more details we will give you after it announced by the government. This will help the young generation to build their career.This is the best thing which can be done by the government of Madhya Pradesh.


What is the Name of scheme?

The name of the schem is Madhya Pradesh Launch Pad Scheme.

Who was Launched this Scheme?

By CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

What is the objective of the Madhya Pradesh Launch Pad Scheme?

To provide financial help to youth to start their business.

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