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HSRP is the abbreviation of high security registration plate. Gujarat state government has taken initiative named hsrp Gujarat. The Supreme court of India has given directions to get high security number plates for the vehicles. It has become a mandatory for the vehicle owner.For this reason,the ministry of transport department has provided the contract of these number plates to FTA HSRP solutions private limited.As we talk about high security number plates are made of aluminium and it has come with reflective tapes.

On the other hand,this plate resistance proof.It is equipped with hot stamped chromium based and self destructive hologram. The supreme court has declared that this number plate was introduced in 2012 for the kind information. A High security number duration of life over five declared that it is very mandatory for citizens of India to have HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2020. Also, colour-coded fuel stickers are now compulsory for Old vehicles. Owners of 2 or 4 wheelers can register for their number plates through the official website

HSRP Gujarat Online

Name of Organization Transport Department
Full form of HSRP Gujarat High Security Registration Plate
HSRP was introduced by MORTH
Category of article HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2020
HSRP Registration Fee 2 Wheeler- Rupees 400
4 Wheeler- Rupees 1100 (depends on vehicle category)
Plate size (HSRP) 1mm special grade aluminium plate
Registration Available at present
Mode to apply Online, Dealers
Booking availability Yes
Official Portal

How to apply online for high security number plates in Gujarat?

The security number plates are mandatory for the better security of the vehicle.jameen objective behind this high security number plates available is to resolve the issues of theft and to easily available the tracking of the vehicles which are either lost or stolen.In this article, we are going to tell the HSRP online application.

The following steps are very easy, you need to follow all these steps carefully-

  • on the web page you have to choose the type of vehicles you wish to register.
  • If you click on the link you will watch some features of the plate. Transport ministry of Gujarat government has issued these features of the place.
  • On the web page, you need to click on appointments.
  • you click on the same we will watch some specifications and features of high security number plate then you will tap on ok option.
  • Although You are willing to apply for HSRP Gujarat online,you can fix your appointment for the fitment of your high security registration plates on your vehicle.
  • Now you can click on the online appointment option.

Gujarat Citizen Smart Card Scheme 2021

How to check the status of your hsrp Gujarat online?

  • If you want to check the hsrp Number plate status of the hsrp online, you have to go to the official link of this HSRP Gujarat.
  • Then you can click on about hsrp and then you can tap on track hsrp status.
  • If you want to clean contract hsrp status you have to enter the chassis number of your Vegas and then you can tap on submit button to know about the current status of your high security registration plate online Gujarat.
  • Gujarat government officials stated that a high security registration plate application will be available online within the next 4 working days.
  • It is not mandatory to install new vehicle security number plates in old vehicles. For all those vehicles,you can check your high security number plates from now.

HSRP Gujarat registration form make payment online:-

  • Clicking on it and online appointment you need to feel in your important documents in the registration form to have your hsrp fitted on your vehicle.
  • The next step will be to make a certain amount of your hsrp fins and you can go to the nearby RTO office with all your printed documents.You can check high security number plates online registration.
  • When you have received your receipt you can find out the fitment appointment online and Percy for the fixation of unity sharaabi tag at your premises according to your given appointment date and time.
  • During the HSRP fitment,the registered owner of the vehicle should be present there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to get a High Security Registration Plate fitted?

It is mandatory for all vehicles registered in the State of Gujarat to be fitted with H.S.R.P. (C.M.V.R. 1989, H.S.R.P. Order 2001).

Is it mandatory to seek prior appointment for fitment of HSRP on vehicle?

Yes, it is mandatory to seek an appointment and only then proceed for fitment at the RTO premises. An appointment can be sought online at

Can I take the HSRP and get them fitted at my residence or a local vendor?

HSRP can only be affixed by authorized staff at an RTO or authorized dealers. It is not permissible under the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989) to get these plates affixed at any other premises.

My vehicle has met with an accident and its rear / Front HSRP or the TLP sticker has been damaged. How can I get them replaced?

You can get your vehicle refitted with HSRP either at the RTO or at any of the authorized dealers. This is a chargeable service.

I have lost my appointment slip. What can I do now?

You could visit and download / reprint a duplicate appointment slip.

I have missed my appointment schedule. Can I reschedule my appointment again?

Please reschedule your appointment by visiting

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