Delhi Land Record”Bhulekh”Jamabandi Record”Khasra Number Map

In India, land disputes and ownership issues have emerged mostly because of poor management of records. With the help of technology, the Indian Government has started to digitize everything related to the property registration and land record process. As an applicant, you can access and verify the property record with a click of the button. It is a vital step to clear any fraudulent transaction. On the other hand, the Delhi Government has digitized 192 villages out of a total of 224 villages in March of this year.

As per the record of the Revenue department, remain 32 villages will be soon included with this part of the land record. In other words, digitally signed ROR are available in 365 days in the public domain. However, the citizens can download this land record portal anywhere. As it is an online digital platform, you have to download anyplace in the room. You will not need to visit any Patwari office now due to a digitized online portal. In this article, we will update you about the knowledge of Bhunaksha Delhi. It will help you to make a decision properly.

Delhi Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni

Land record is a wider term. It includes land registration, tenancy, record of rights, crop inspection, mutation register, disputed cases register, etc. In addition to that, there is geological information about shape, size, type of the soil, etc. in other words, economic information includes irrigation and crops. Landholders are called as the bhumidars. The Central Government launched the National Land Record Modernization Program in 2008. It is known as the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program.

Overview of delhi land record by khasra no

Portal Name Delhi Land Record”Bhulekh”Jamabandi Record
Launched By Dept. of Revenue
Beneficiaries Citizen of State
Procedure Online
Objective Availability of land-related details at home
Benefits Sitting at home check Land Details
Category  Delhi Govt. Scheme
Official Website

The advantages of digitizing bhu naksha delhi

  • The online database shows the property land records to the citizen. T
  • hey can avoid visiting the revenue offices because they can view the land status through the map.
  • The motto of this new system is to deliver genuine land information under a single window.
  • Data integrity plays an important role in avoiding disputes and litigation of the land.
  • On the other hand, encumbrances will be checked by their concerned authorities.
  • This new system will help to ensure easy maintenance and update all land databases under a single window.

How to check your Delhi Land Records Jamabandi Record ?

Let’s take a glance at the following step given below:

  • Step 1: First of all, you have to go to the official web page of land record departments in Delhi.
  • You will have to click on this link (https:///www.dlrc.
  • Step 2: After that, you will choose the district or subdivision where the Bhumi is situated. In this case, the Bhumi is in the Kapashera area of southwest Delhi.
  • Step 3:You can choose the tehsil or village that is Asalat pur khawad. Then, you have to select khata.
  • Step 4:Then, you can find the details by using the khasra number or the owner name.
  • Step 5:After this, you will have to tap on khata details that include with Khasra number and the land area.

UP Bhulekh Record

Bihar Land Record, Khasra, Khatoni

How to View Land Records Information on Delhi Bhu-Lekh

Follow the below-mentioned steps to view land records on Bhulekh Delhi Portal.

  1. Visit the official site
  2. Find your district from the given list and click on the ‘View Records’ button available in the respective district’s rowDelhi Land record
  3. Choose the following details from the drop-down menu:
    1. District
    2. Sub Division
    3. Village
    4. Khata Type
  4. Choose your search type:
    1. By Khata No.
    2. By Khasra No.
    3. By Name
  5. Enter other required information as per your search type. For example, if you choose the search type ‘By name’, enter the name of the owner. Similarly, for other search types, enter/select the information as required
  6. After completing the above steps, Click on the ‘View Khata Details’view khata details
  7. Click on the ‘Click to View Khatauni’ button to view Khatauni details.view khatauni

Madhya Pradesh Land Record, Khasra, Khatoni

Jharbhoomi Land record Jharkhand

Delhi Bhu Naksha District Wise

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Revenue Geo portal  You can directly Click Here
  • As soon as you will get on the homepage of the portal, you can see the search option for land map
  • You can easily search the Khasra Number of your land by clicking on the “Menu” option on the screen
  • Then you will have to enter the Division, District, Village, Rectangle, and Khasra appropriately
  • After that, click on the “View Ownership Details” option
  • The details and information about the land map will appear then on the screen
  • You can check the owner of the land and the land map details easily
  • Also, you can download or print the land map details from the portal
  • Just click on the “Print Map” option and you can print the digital map online

Rajasthan Apna khata”Bhu naksha

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