How to Use Apple Watch Series 5 – Best Experience

It’s no secret that the Apple Watch is getting rave reviews right now as it arrives on store shelves. However, the smartwatches have also proven to be quite fickle, and as such, some consumers find themselves having to learn how to use them.

In this article, I am going to give you some very quick tips on how to use Apple Watch Series 5 properly. If you have been following me for any length of time then you will know that my main objective is to find ways to increase the functionality and pleasure that you can get from my watches.


If you were looking for some quick ways to improve your watch, this article is for you. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a few extra features compared to the old version but it is not without its shortcomings. I have been testing a lot of the new features in Series 5 and I have found a few useful tricks that I am going to show you here.

Apple Watch Series 5 Functions

One of the things that make the Apple Watch Series 5 so unique is the ability to perform all of the functions with just one hand. It’s really amazing that this feature has not been made available earlier as it really opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Basic Function Of Watch

The most basic function of this watch is the ability to tell time. When you first look at it, you might not think it works as well as it does. However, once you get used to it you will realize just how powerful it is. This is because all of your other functions are run via the watch so it always knows the time.

Water Resistance Feature In Apple Watch

Another useful feature that has been added to the older watches is water resistance. If you want something waterproof, you should definitely consider getting this.


Now let’s move onto some of the more advanced features that are available. One of the main features that you will see is the ability to do all of your usual tasks on your wrist. Things like opening the phone book and calling people, accessing the internet, etc.

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Track Activities On Your Apple Watch

In addition to this, you also get the ability to track different tasks and events on your wrist. You can use the watch to keep track of how many people are in your company and what activities they have attended. This is something that is extremely useful.


One of the last features that I am going to mention is the ability to use the watch to manage multiple tasks on different levels. So you can manage multiple email accounts and read your texts and emails simultaneously.


In fact, there are some new features that allow you to even add more tasks to your watch. I have had a lot of fun using this feature because it allows me to do everything on my phone, to my laptop, and even watch videos and play games at the same time.

New Features In Watch

One other new feature that has been added to the older watches is the ability to view your calendar on the watch. This allows you to plan your week in advance, which is very handy if you have a job that takes you out of town. as well as being a great way to see where you are on your calendar and to plan your day to day schedule.


These are only two of the many different ways that you can use your watch to make life easier. There are other functions that I have found are very useful and have made my life a lot easier.


I know that I could keep on adding more features to my watch as long as I was wearing it. I still find it a little difficult to look through the watch menus for each individual feature but I think I have got the hang of it pretty soon. The good thing is that after a while it becomes second nature.


The real reason that I use this watch now is because of its features like the weather, music player, games, maps, and so forth. All of these are things that I would have never have thought of but after months of testing them, I am able to do them every single time.

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