Assam land record Jamabandi” 2022

Assam Government has introduced an online land record portal named online Jamabandi in Assam. This online portal will assist you to know the record regarding the landowner. In other words, you can view the land record before buying the property. The Revenue department of Assam state Government has registered Assam record of right that extract form of Assam land record.ROR shows relevant information about land property and the history of landholders.

The Revenue department of the Assam Government maintained Jamabandi registration for each village differently. Here, I have shared all the information about how to check Bhunaksha Assam by using pattadar, Patta no, pattatype, etc.The Land Revenue Department of Assam is one of the oldest divisions in the state. The revenue department made available the web portal for Assam state. From this website you can find dag number, Patta number, or Pattadar number, Jamabandi Copy online.

 Assam Land Records Overview

Name  Jamabandi Assam Land Record
State Assam
District All-Districts
Department Revenue & District Management Department Assam
Year 2022
Official Website / 2022

Revenue Assam map Importance:

Jambandi indicates the real owner of a property.
For detecting a false claim on the property, a land record has been used.
Jambandi avoids land grabbing.
ROR will assist landholders in avoiding any legal hassles.

Uses of Assam ROR:

  • Jamabandi is used for checking the ownership of land in Assam.
  • The certified copy of Jamabandi may be used to know more regarding land type, different activities carried out on land.
  • ROR documents is crucial for acquiring information about agricultural land and its surrounding areas.
  • After having completed the sale transaction of the property, Jamabandi is needed.
  • Assam ROR is a crucial document for getting a loan from the bank.
  • The court can demand proof of land records in case of any civil litigation.
  • If you purchase any land in Assam, you have to view the seller jamabandi and its ownership of the Bhumi, because it is mandatory.
  • If you acquire a flat, you have to check jamabandi. The flat is being constructed as well.

land record assam Benefits:

  • Change in ownership
  • Limits of landholder’s right and condition
  • Mutation status and number
  • Type of soil
  • Land survey number
  • Pattern of irrigation
  • Area for cultivation
  • You can demand a pending loan for buying seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides.
  • You have to provide paid tax or unpaid tax.
  • Landholders have taken loans from the bank.

Eligibility criteria:

  • If you have any dispute in the certified copy of Jamabandi, you will not get the ownership of the land.
  • List of documents:
  • Application form of ROR.
  • Khajana receipt.
  • Land deed copy.

Check Assam Bhu Naksha Online

  • First of all, go to the Revenue Assam portal here.
  • Then from the top-middle section, click on the Bhu Naksha banner.
  • You will soon land on the Bhu-Naksha page.

land map assam

  • Here, you need to enter your land details such as State, District, Subdivision, Circle, Mouza, Pargona, Lot Number, Village and Dag or Patta number of your land.
  • Finally, click on the “Show Report” button and it will show you the and map for your entered property or land.

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How to apply Jamabandi in Assam through CSC?

The citizen can approach the nearest CSC Centre for applying the certified copy of ROR in Assam. The candidates will submit the application form with the attached copy of all documents at CSC Centre.

The land details are listed below:

  • Revenue village number
  • Name
  • Patta number
  • Dag number
  • Class of the land
  • Applicant details.

You can apply for getting the certificate from the CSC operator. They will provide you acknowledgment slip with the application reference number. As an applicant, you can use the application reference number in the future. Application copy of jamabandi will be updated through the Assam revenue department. The concerned department will process the landowner’s certificate online. An applicant will get an SMS to the registered mobile number.

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