Up Varasat Abhiyan 2022″Apply Online Property Records

Uttar Pradesh state government has launched a new scheme named up varasat Abhiyan 2022. This Abhiyan has been running from 15 December 2020 to 15 February 2022 by Chief minister yogi adityanath.Up varasat Abhiyan is very convenient and it currently ongoing for updating land or property records.This scheme plays an important role in the rural areas as a part of natural succession drive.In this article,we will share with you about how to apply for up barasat abhiyan,make lekhpal login check status,etc.

You will get all information about this scheme respectively.The aim of the Up barasat Abhiyan is to eradicate the exploitation of The villages in the name virasat of land and property. The uttaradhikari campaign will stop the long pending land disputes.However,uttaradhikari Abhiyan of revenue department will view on the land mafia who generally target disputed land specially in the rural areas. Now we are going to discuss the up varasat Abhiyan application online process.

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