Swami vivekananda Etihasik Paryatan Yatra yojana”

Uttar Pradesh government is going to launch a new scheme Uttar Pradesh swami vivekananda Etihasuk paryatan jata yojana 2022.The state government will give rupees 12000 each to a selected number of workers for pilgrimage visit under Uttar Pradesh labour office scheme for religious travel. 6.5 lakh commercial establishments and 20500 factories and workshops in Uttar Pradesh will be under religious travel. For this reason laborers can apply online for the scheme.

In swami vivekanand Etihasik Paryatan Yatra yojana,the UP government will deliver rupees 12000 to labour as for religious travel.Labourers can get a chance to visit for religious travel who are currently working in the commercial establishment factories, workshops.In this article, we will share with you regarding the complete details of swami vivekananda Aitihasik yatra yojana 2022.

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