[Status] Bihar Krishi Input Anudan Yojana”Apply Form

Bihar state government has introduced a new scheme named Kishan input anudan yojana for the farmers in the state of Bihar. Through the scheme the state government will provide financial assistance to the farmers in the Bihar state whose crops have been damaged due to natural calamity and weather.You will get a lot of information about this scheme from this article.Hence, being an author I want to update my readers about krishi anudan yojana that will be beneficial for the farmers of the state.

The central government and the state government operated agricultural inputs schemes under agricultural input.The central government notified natural disasters with the help of the state Government. The government arrangements have been built under the agricultural input subsidy scheme.The Department of Agriculture has launched the Krishi Input Subsidy Scheme for the welfare of farmer in the State of Bihar. Krishi Input Subsidy Scheme

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